Medical Office Cleaning

We Make Sure That Your Medical Agencies are Safe and Hygienic

When it comes to medical spaces, cleanliness is one thing that shouldn’t be compromised at all. This is because the individuals involved with these medical spaces are vulnerable to attract germs in the facility. Therefore, proper cleaning and decontamination should be done frequently to prevent the spread of these germs. At Carewell Maintenance Services Inc., we are the solution to your medical agency cleaning needs. By using the best disinfectants and cleaning products, we make sure that your spaces are clean and free of any germs. We have a team of certified cleaning professionals that continuously strive to provide you with the best cleaning services.

Why Choose Carewell Maintenance Services

Thorough Quality Control:
Ensuring very high standards of quality control is an essential part of our service. We have clearly defined processes and systems in place to ensure that your home or business is perfectly cleaned each time.
Strong Customer Focus:
From the CEO to all levels of the company, exceeding your expectations is at the heart of what we do. That commitment to customer service has led to a very high level of customer loyalty over the years.
Competitive rates for residential and commercial services.
100% BC Owned and Operated:
We are a Canadian Corporation who can handle any sized job. We are independently owned and operated for the personal touch.
Specialists in commercial and residential cleaning.
Experienced, licensed and bonded:
We are fully bonded, insured and in compliance with the British Columbia Employment Standards Act and all WCB rules and regulations. and Our technicians are required to provide updated police clearance and comprehensive background checks.

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